Beer powder, rice and grits

Beer powder, rice and grits

Beer Powder

The increasing urbanisation and Westernisation of the traditional consumers of home-brewed sorghum beer have made it impossible or very difficult for many consumers in the urban areas to prepare this product. As a result, an instant beer powder has been developed to address this problem.

Instant beer powder is a pre-mixed product which consists mainly of sorghum malt, a starch component and brewer’s yeast. A great deal of time is saved by adding the prescribed quantity of water, mixing it and allowing a fermentation period of 24 hours.

Sorghum beer powder appears to be a valuable alternative to the traditional home-brewed malt and increasing quantities are being sold.

Sorghum Rice

Sorghum rice, or corn rice as it is known in the trade, is whole, polished sorghum. This tasty, cream-coloured product is one of the latest additions to the product range. As a Western product, it shows promising potential on the starch market, where it competes mainly with rice, as well as wheat rice and samp.

Sorghum Grits

Grits are used in the industrial brewing process to give, on the one hand, a specific texture or viscosity and, on the other hand, the desired taste to the sorghum beer. Sorghum grits can also be replaced by maize grits. Furthermore, the grits contribute to the nutritiousness of the beer.