Baby food manufactured commercially with government assistance in Botswana & made available at government clinics free of charge. This is a composite meal product.


Baby food manufactured in Burkina Faso. Dough of fine meal & water is allowed to ferment for two days then water amounting to half its volume is added, then cooked to a thick porridge.


Manufactured from 100% sorghum meal, kneaded into a thick dough and rolled into noodles with a hand-driven extruder. The noodles are baked at a low heat to a light brown colour. The best results obtained with white sorghum.


Flat, round, bread, home-baked in India. Finely sieved meal is kneaded with hot water to a dough and rolled into small balls of 5 to 7,5cm in diameter. It is then flattened with the hand until it is 20 to 25cm in diameter and 5mm thick. This bread is then baked on a hot plate or pan. The texture is important because the floury endosperms tend to make the bread too brittle.


Snack similar to dry potato chips. They are from Mexico and available commercially almost anywhere in the world. This product can be manufactured from sorghum or maize or a blend. Masa is formed into tortillas, inter alia, by means of rollers and an extruder.

The Indians are also fond of Hoppers, prepared from a thick dough (made of sorghum meal), water and salt to which yeast has been added and which is kept overnight in a sealed pot. This fermented yeast is then thinned by adding cocoa-nut milk. A little of the thinned dough is then placed in a deep pan greased with oil. The pan is tipped quickly to allow the dough to spread evenly in it, is then sealed and covered with coals until the Hopper is cooked.

Puffed Sorghum

The sorghum which is the most suitable for this product, made in the same way as popcorn, is that which has a dense, hard endosperm and thick seed coat. These are usually also small. In India it is sometimes rolled into balls with Jaggery and preserved for later use in this way