Organisational Management

The Board of Trustees comprises five members and is appointed for a term of two years. Three of the Trustees are appointed by specific sorghum industry sectors, while the other three Trustees are appointed by the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development.

Willem Groothof Headshot

Willem Groothof

Representing: Producers of Sorghum

Dawid Beets Headshot

Dawid Beets

Vice Chairperson
Commercial Processor

Ramoso Pholo Headshot

Ramoso Pholo

Black Producer

Happy Mohane Headshot

Happy Mohane

Appointment by the Minister of Agriculture

Petru Fourie Headshot

Petru Fourie

Convener of the Sorghum Cluster Initiative

Beatrix de Witt Headshot

Beatrix de Witt

Trust Administrator
Agri Manage Solutions